Droits de l’Homme: Biography of Martin Luther King Jr

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Biography of Martin Luther King Jr

Hi all! I've gotten into nonfiction, and would like to read a biography of Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you have any suggestions on good ones?

An excellent read

Hi Dana.

Try reading A Long Way Gone by Ismael Beah. Excellent, moving, inspiring, and frightening. The language is clean and sparse making apotentially challenging read very easy to get lost in.


Thanks, Khaalidah, I'll check it out!

Biography of marting luthar king


he is great guy,he is Excellent, moving, inspiring, and frightening.In his honour America have instigated a national Martin Luther King day. He remains symbolic of America's fight for justice and racial equality. I like to read it. thanks.



I like to read a biography of this great guy hi is an excellent. I never gorgot Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work towards social justice. right. thanks, I am definatly read it.


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