there is a culture name dowry in india,according to this ritual ,the parents or guardians of the bride ,have to give money to the family of the groom..for this ritual, many time the bride's family suffers a lot, sometimes they use to be homeless even foodless, but they are forced to give dowry.they use to do it for their daughter's happyness.the psychology is ,if they give dowry, the in-laws will be good with their daughter..but in most of the cases the in-laws becomes greedy ,and create pressure to bring more from paternal house.many time comparisons are also done between the dowry given by the parents of the wives of the men of same family ,or different families,and accordingly the respect are given..
the shameful part is the mentality of the ladies,most of the time they denies the fact that ,dowry system is a process which makes them cheap in front of the society ,they cannot be rated according the money of dowry,in fact they don't want to think that ,they are priceless ,money cannot measure them.and for that most of the time they accept to get marry after giving money at any cost,some time they creates pressure to their parents who cannot arrange dowry,they use to feel proud to say how much dowry given in their marriage,being woman they never feel shame when another woman is harassed for less dowry in front of them,in fact they enjoy the torture toward another woman for dowry and if one get a so called higher status than another according to dowry then she too start torturing to that poor ‘below status ‘lady..

if this mentality remains t,hen ,nobody can help indian the women must first learn to respect themselves..