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Social media and Voice of women

Making unprecedented inroads into our lives, social media has transformed the way we keep and build relationships.

What have been your experiences in using social media to further your ideas, causes and create your brand identity? My curiosity stems from my current hypothesis that women in all spheres have become more vociferous and confident in providing their narratives and building critical mass and acceptance for their idea - thanks to the non-discriminatory nature of the web! Thoughts, comments welcome

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I think this is a very interesting topic. The growth of social media from blogs, MySpace to Facebook, Twitter, the ability to do your own online publishing has really allowed individuals to control the platform in which they voice and express their ideas and themselves. Through blogs, for instance, I find that women have begun to grow their own community where we can read each other’s stories, find guidance on issues that we are trying to deal with and support each other. One area of blogging that seems to have become a huge phenomenon is “mommy blogs”. While I am not a mother yet, I find being a part of this community as a reader has been really helpful to hear candid viewpoints on giving birth, raising kids, balancing motherhood with a career, and negotiating those waters with your partner. I find my blog roll increasing – spanning so many different topics from having children, travel, cooking, etc.

The other positive aspect that I enjoy to social media is that while life may take us to different parts of the world, possibly further or closer to our friends and family, the web still allows us to stay connected and in touch with what is happening in our daily lives. With social media you are never too far away.

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