Política: Democracy starts in Bed

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Democracy starts in Bed

I want to find democracy in Bed
Not in the World –first in my Bed
If Charity begins at home
Shouldn't Democracy start in bed?

We have been partners for so long
Let’s discuss
Our conflicting views
In our bed
You are a Capitalist
I am a Socialist
You believe in Bush
I hate your trust in Bush
Let’s talk politics
Let’s talk what happens in Iraq
Without us fighting each other

Bed is not only a place to sleep
Bed is not only for making love
Bed is not only to release the tiredness
Shouldn't bed be a place for Democracy?

Life is not a Bed of Roses
Marriage is not complete silence
My mind is full of views and opinions
Let’s talk politics
Let’s forget sex for a moment
Tell me
Do you believe in Democracy in Bed?

Nice Poem

Thank you for posting this poem, Shamila. Did you write it?

It reminds me of my own current situation. I am also a Socialist, while my partner is a Democrat. He is voting for Obama and I am not. While this may not present as big of a challenge as a Socialist with a partner who believes in Bush (my partner and I at least share a deep distrust of Bush), it still presents its challenges. His liberal friends, especially, don't seem to understand how I am not swept up in the excitement of voting for "a lesser of two evils."


Democracy starts in Bed

I read your written democracy starts in bed ,really it is very interesting

Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
Estados Unidos


I like your poem. It is moving and it challenges us to have differences with our spouses and still find a common understanding and continued respect.

Emiratos Árabes Unidos


I really like your poem, its well written, its humorous yet sends your message across and it makes sense. I like how you pose questions at different points in the poem, its like you're saying "here's my opinion, but what is yours?" Also its really easy to follow. You are good! Weldone! :)

Barsha Hamal
Barsha Hamal
Estados Unidos


I must say your poem is laden with brilliant imagery and optimism.

Democracy in Bed. How enchanting!

Bed, indeed, should be a place to recover, recharge, rediscover, and restore ourselves.

Democracy Starts in Bed

This a very fresh perspective and somewhat brings to light the tacit ways we can spur social conversations and start real change right from our homes.
Perhaps this is a wake up call to spouses of leaders on all levels to share their unique insights and perhaps opposing points of views in an environment of love (at least, most beds are!) with their spouse who is more inclined to listen. Also, women as mothers and caregivers have a unique opportunity to share information with their children about the world while tucking them into bed at night. What about having conversations about how to make the world a better place? Or about the little things they can do to bring about change wherever they might find themselves. I do like the idea of Change spurred from the bedroom...keep the creative juices flowing!


Shamila deserve appreciation for the concern regarding Empowering Women through the imaginary and thought provoking approach with a missionary zeal in the context of Democracy.


Thank you again

Empowering women in every space we lay, in every place we stand.
Our mind always awake where our body is meant to rest.
How can they sleep when we have so much to say?
Thank you Shamila.

Joan Garvan
Joan Garvan

democracy in bed - and at home

Hi, It seems that it can be all well and good for couples to eak out a kind of democratic relationship that is until they have children - then the world can turn upside down. The answer lies in transformational change in regard to care - where we as a society can facilitate non-gendered caring routines. But further to this we need to understand the connections between the mother and infant/child - and Jessica Benjamin's work on intersubjectivity (with an emphasis on a relationship rather than the maternal role) is enlightening here. whatdoyareckon?? best, Joan G


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hats a nice poem thank you shamila

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