I ask why ????????????
My aunty was beaten badly
By her husband one day
I asked why?????
She refused sex
She was crying
I was told
Women are not supposed to refuse sex to their husbands
Husbands are breadwinners
Wives are home makers
Wives make husbands happy..

I did not know that my clitoris was cut
At the age of six
I wanted to cry
I wanted to fight
I asked why?????
Who the hell cut my body?
My mother said that
Muslim girl should obey the rituals

My grandfather had nine wives
I asked why?????
I asked where my nine grandfathers are
My mother hit me
“Watch out – shut up your big mouth”
I was gagged
I did not wear veils
Why I should cover my face
I wanted to emerge
My face was blooming
Why I hide my face
I asked why?????
I was told not to talk too much
Not to read foreign books
I was told
God only speak Arabic
Not English
Quran is your constitution
Your law book, they said
I ask why?????
Does God only speak Arabic?
All these time I asked why?
Today I am asking why
Tomorrow I will ask why
I will not stop asking why?????????

This poem I wrote during the class on Culture, Human rights and Gender Justice based on a story that I heard from one of my colleagues. Femininity is subjected to hegemonic masculinity with militarization, fundamentalism and extremism. Therefore gender justice is impossible to achieve unless all preconceived extreme prejudices against women are eliminated.