I recently took a toxicology class at UCSC, in which I learned about many harmful everyday products and procedures that I feel everyone should be aware of. Cosmetics, in particular, stood out as an especially threatening category because of the severity of some of the toxic chemicals they contain combined with the range and consistency of their use. Products such as blush, eyeliner, concealer, face powder, eye shadow, foundation, lip gloss, make-up remover, and mascara are all chemical culprits, the majority of which contain varied levels of carcinogenic substances, neurotoxins, and/or petroleum distillates. Aside from posing serious health risks, threats to the environment are also a concern that I feel people are vastly unaware of, the main reason being that these chemicals are able to travel through the air, or, when washed off, into the water, allowing them to pollute much more than necessary. Buying natural products or wearing less make-up are good ways to avoid contributing to this problem, so I encourage people to research products that will work for them and collectively we can help to reduce pollution levels!