• Ville, État Nairobi, Nairobi
  • Situation géographique Afrique
  • Langues English, Swahili, kikuyu


mardi 24 février 2009 00:00

Salma waves at me as she comes out of the Swahili house she lives in with her husband and in-laws. She is my age, 21 years old. She is very heavy with child, and has two beside her, one and a half and three. I know she has already made dinner for her husband. He must be at the mosque, a truck driver home from a long road trip. He has been very angry with Salma. She tested HIV-Positive when she went for post-natal clinic. He blames her, so do his folks. She is being brave. The clinic gave her medication and advice. She hopes this little one will be spared. The other two are HIV- Positive. Age is lining her eyes.

mardi 24 février 2009 00:00

Terri Njeri Mumo*. She was 19 years old the day I first wrote this piece. She sat her Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Exams in 2007. I thought she had a lot of potential. From her essays, my guess is she was a girl with a lot going on in her head. She could have been a great statesperson someday. But did she have a chance?