Andrea Lira

Etats Unis

  • Ville, État New York, NY
  • Situation géographique Amérique du nord
  • Langues Spanish and English
  • Age 32



samedi 11 janvier 2014 10:05

Open Language is about what we leave out when we communicate and the relationship between hand gestures and language.

dimanche 21 juin 2009 10:09

This experimental video celebrates the simplest conflicts of being alive. I explore the movement between my body and the city, and how our bodies strive to defy reality and gravity. I set out to discover what is physically possible and what is not. With my small photo camera I took short clips of myself around New York City. The poem came later. In it, I explore how through imaginative and real movement, we can experience life in a different way.

mercredi 10 juin 2009 15:29

My drawings are about the little moments in my life and emotions that I like to share with others.