United States

  • City, State: Santa Barbara, California
  • Geographic Location: North America


Wednesday, June 10, 2009 3:32 PM

Known for her environmental stewardship and fine art background, Laura Lynch's mixed media constructions, Pacific Series 1996-2008: Environmental Assemblages, addresses her passion for the state of the oceans and threat to the global environment.

Combining washed-up marine salvage and found objects--organic and non-organic such as sand, tar and feathers--scavenged along the ocean beaches, Lynch creates digital photo montages that are transferred onto colorful beached shipboards, often times with a sense of humor and ironic playfulness. Lynch paints directly onto many of her found boat pieces, collaging images and juxtaposing colors, shapes and textures for the eye to play on. These environmental assemblages are not only painterly but also substantive in their historical context and present-day imagery, transforming the whole into something greater.

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