Lois Palaña


  • Situation géographique Asie
  • Langues Filipino, English
  • Age 23

A propos de moi

I love learning different languages...I am an irregular 2nd year AB International Studies student. Before I shifted in this course, I was a BS Nursing student. I have been in college 3 years and half already. I live with my family, with my mother and father, though he’s always out of the country, and with 3 siblings, one of them is adopted. I am a Visayan, or Mindanaoan in blood. I’ve been in Mindanao, where the others said that is dangerous, and also, I’ve been in Visayas. I know how to speak Bisaya, Tagalog, basic Japanese and Spanish. I know how to write and read Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters. Truthfully, my interests are learning different languages, and make myself fluent on it. I love to know how they live, in other countries, and to know and experience their culture. I like being friends with foreigners, especially the foreigners here in the Philippines, particularly in Miriam College, I want them to feel that they are not different. I like sharing our culture to them and language, and also, I like to know about their language and their culture.

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Je suis passionnée par:

I want to be part of this project, practically, to gain experience in communicating with people who have different cultures. To know about their cultures and languages, and share, or let them know about our culture and our language.

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