• Ville, État khartoum, khartoum north
  • Situation géographique Afrique
  • Age 25

A propos de moi

I was born and raised in Sudan, i come from a typical sudanese family of 7, that is enriched with a great bond and filled with lots of love. I went to a British School " Unity High School ". At Unity i learned the true meaning of uniting with people from different backgrounds, i had great opportunities that gave me the chance to gain a lot of knowledge and learn new skills. The many events that go on during the school year and having to participate in the activites enabled me to discover things that i didnt know about Sarah and definitly makes up a lot of my personality. i like sports, i was my teams group leader for 2 consecutive years and a member of the basketball and soccer's team. i have the ability to lead and convince others, i was the schools head of students council. i care so much for the less-fortunate, i was the head of the Charity group, we used to held bake-sales during recess to raise money. My Favourite Event through-out the year was the International Day, were i participated as a dancer to reflect the tribes cultures from all over Sudan, and an actor in some plays. i love to keep memories of special events, due to the many social events that i attend and the many events that are held at school i found my self taking pictures and recording vidios at each one of them and running all over not to miss a shot.Photography developed to be my number one interest together with traveling. It didnt end at Unity,i carried on with the great ideas from School to continue my role as a student in Ahfad and participating in all the events.

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I think the most important issues to young women entering the workforce in Sudan is their English skills and low self-esteem. As a result of the poor educational system, most of the young women coming from governmental instituties have difficulties writing out a C.V in english and they dont have the ability to express their selves in the interviews. Due to separtion of the boys from girls schools from the primary level up to secondary level, young women face great fears or issues dealing with the other gender. They are not able to differentiate between how to deal with men at the different social levels, the difference of realtions between them and their managers, them and the bus driver, them and their collagues or them and their brothers at home.

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