The Ancient One


  • Situation géographique Amérique du nord
  • Age 56

A propos de moi

I am a writer , researcher , spiritual consultant , poet , psychic and cybershaman. I journey deeply into spiritual realms as I strive to cultivate an authentic self and use my mind in the highest way. It is my intent to dance in the suns freedom while facilitating self discovery and promoting goodwill and lovingkindness. I am a navigator of inner spheres who invokes growth of the soul and desires to live in harmony with earth and sky. The beauty of all living things inspires me to strive for perfect harmony and to serve all sentient beings. My wish is for a brighter tomorrow where we all live in harmony beneath celestial curtains of happiness and freedom.

Faites preuve de changement en:

I have left my footprints in the wind as i travel a path of conscious intent. The womb of nature has caressed my spirit and inspired me to facilitate positive change as i seek to advance human understanding. I walk a rainbow trail where i embrace the world with love . Mine is a passionate vision nurtured by Mother Earth . Through exploraton and expression i seek to enhance the flow of positive energy for my fellow spiritual travelers. The simplicity of the soul is enchanting and endearing , it generates peace and love and inspires me to embrace the infinite life force while being a catalyst for conscious evolution.

Je suis passionnée par:

Mine is a pilgrimage to peace. I am a spiritual gardener sowing seeds of positive transformation. Life is a tapestry we weave each day and i seek to live by imagination while exploring new possibilities. I am attempting to actualize my highest vision while creating a spiritual environment of love , light and understanding. I walk a path of giving with a harmony that is omnipresent. Like a lullaby from a music box my soul plays a symphony that i may truly enjoy this dance of life.

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Protégez Notre Terre

Protégez Notre Terre

L'environnement et le développement étaient des sujets cruciaux pour Gro Harlem Brundtland. La Women's Develoment and Environment Organization fait de sa vision une réalité. Découvrez leur travail et regardez leur bourse universitaire et leurs programmes de stage. (anglais)

Les Monologues du Vagin par et pour les Musulmanes

Les Monologues du Vagin par et pour les Musulmanes

Trois Marocaines vivant en Belgique présentent douze monologues poétiques, intenses et touchants intitulés Les Monologues Voilés qui offrent un regard rare sur la vie des Musulmanes. Dépassez le voile et laissez tous vos stéréotypes à la porte du théâtre. (français)

Découvrez le Hunger Project

Découvrez le Hunger Project

Le Hunger Project (THP) est une organisation internationale stratégique qui a pour but de mettre un terme définitif à la faim dans le monde en responsabilisant des millions de femmes et d'hommes en Asie, en Afrique et en Amérique Latine. En Inde, l'organisation forme avec succès des femmes pour diriger les conseils de village. Découvrez THP et contribuez à sa noble cause. (anglais)

Branchez-vous sur l

Branchez-vous sur l'Art des Femmes au Mexique

Vous aimez I.M.O.W.? Alors venez découvrir cet incroyable musée du Mexique qui met en valeur des artistes féminines mexicaines contemporaines. MUMA met en vedette des oeuvres captivantes, controversées et politiques telles que la représentation célèbre de Lorena Wolffer sur les fémicides de Ciudad Juarez. (espagnol)

The International Violence Against Women Act

The International Violence Against Women Act

The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) is a historic and unprecedented effort of the U.S. government to take leadership in establishing an overall and integrated approach to respond and address violence against women and girls internationally. The Act establishes a Coordinator to Combat Violence Against Women Internationally. The time is now to capitalize on this awareness and support and to enact this comprehensive vision to address the problem of violence against women.

Help End Women

Help End Women's Poverty: Support the GROWTH Act

The Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive (GROWTH) Act would address some of the most critical economic barriers women that keep women in poor countries from earning an income, barriers such as unequal property rights, lack of access to credit and trade, and poor wages and working conditions.

For the GROWTH Act to be passed, it needs concerned citizens to urge Congress to support it. Send an automatic letter to your Senators and Representatives asking them to support the bill.

Respectez Tout le Monde, Partout

Respectez Tout le Monde, Partout

Si vous ne pouvez plus rester silencieux, c'est le moment pour vous de faire acte d'autorité. Rejoignez Respect-ev, signez leur pétition et aidez à mettre un terme aux mutilations génitales féminines. --Anglais, français, néerlandais, portugais, espagnol

Leadership des Femmes Indigènes

Leadership des Femmes Indigènes

Vous êtes une femme indigène? Vous voulez promouvoir le changement social dans votre communauté? Si c'est le cas, le Emerging Activist Leadership Program est fait pour vous! Inscrivez-vous à ce programme de développement du leadership proposé par le Indigenous Women's Network. -- anglais

Help End Violence Against Women and Girls: Sign the I-VAWA Petition!

Help End Violence Against Women and Girls: Sign the I-VAWA Petition!

It's estimated that 1 out of 3 women worldwide will be the victim of violence or abuse at some point in their lives. This must stop.

The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), is a bill now before Congress that, if passed, would, for the first time, comprehensively incorporate these solutions into all U.S. foreign assistance programs - solutions such as promoting women's economic opportunity, addressing violence against girls in school, and working to change public attitudes - bring about transformational change. Please urge Congress to make the IVAWA a reality for the millions of women worldwide it would affect by signing the petition.

Art for the Hungry

Art for the Hungry

Art for the Hungry $400.00 Thanks to Ward-Nasse Gallery and Artist: artbyjo All proceeds donated to Feed one single Mother 178 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012 Tues.- Sat. 11-6 and Sun. 1-6 (212) 925-6951


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Living in the Moment
Have you ever heard voices in your head--hundreds of them, thousands of them--keeping you up in the middle of the night? Or fought hard to hush those voices for fear of losing your sanity? The world around you zips by in nanoseconds, and you know you need to be able to keep your bearings here to survive. Caught in a disorienting visual swirl, you ponder over the meaning of life... What is this madness for? This grueling reality of trying to do something? This trying to find a voice? This trying to make something out of an otherwise insipid life?


Anne Provost
Anne Provost
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