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A propos de moi

Stacie Dubay, LMSW, is the counseling supervisor at a domestic violence agency and has been working in the field of domestic violence for over twelve years. She is a member of the Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance Committee, a multidisciplinary committee that reviews injury related maternal mortality cases within the state of Michigan to design strategies for reducing such deaths. Over the past nine years she has served as a field instructor for over 75 master’s level and doctoral level student interns. Through her creation of art in the public environment, she hopes to educate communities, encourage dialogue, motivate others and validate others’ experiences.

She began creating art as both a physical and emotional escape from her batterer. “A Woman’s Journey from Victim to Survivor” is a traveling interactive exhibit that has been displayed in public spaces such as City Hall, university campuses, a coffee shop, our State Capitol, a hospital lobby, and a judge’s courtroom and has inspired several empowerment based community events throughout the state. It is generously hosted online at Gift From Within. The exhibit is intended to honor the strength and courage of women who have experienced domestic violence and to encourage others to take action.

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Raising awareness of violence against women and encouraging others to take action.

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The Door

"A Woman's Journey from Domestic Violence Victim to Survivor" is an interactive traveling art exhibit that has been displayed in public spaces (university campuses, a hospital lobby, a judge's courtroom, a coffee shop, and the State Capitol) across the state of Michigan, United States. It is intended to honor the strength and courage of women who have experienced and overcome domestic violence as well as raise awareness and encourage others to take action.

The exhibit is interactive: Viewers are invited to walk through the door and open the suitcases. Survivors are invited to sign the back of the door.



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