jean hart

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  • Ville, État spring creek, nv
  • Situation géographique Amérique du nord
  • Langues English

A propos de moi

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I think 2010 is going to be a great year.
New Year New Webstore. I invite you to come visit my new webstore. I have sooo many fun merchandise pieces with my fine artwork on them, You'll like it, It's Fun!!*

I live in Northeastern Nevada. After returning to college and graduating in 1993 I decieded to become a full-time artist. Currently I am the Art Director of Picture This! Art Gallery. I exhibit my work anywhere and everywhere I can. I love to express myself through my artwork. I invite you to check out my photo's and of course all comments are welcome. Everything is for sale. I can make prints or cards of most my images if you see anything you like. Or Even better if you want me to exhibit with you contact me through my e-mail!!! You may also visit me at or just google me to see what I'm up to. Jean Hart Nevada

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I invite you to join me through the journey of my creations. It seems that I have been brought to the canvas to express an experience or emotion. I paint what concerns me personally or philosophically. Each piece is a reflection of me as an individual. I share with you the journey of my life and lessons that are being introduced to me and we all grow together.
I am a founding member of an art group named 4womenart. Our mission is to exhibit artwork in rural Nevada so everyone can experience the beauty of art.
You may also contact me throught my e-mail
visit my artwork website*

Je suis passionnée par:

I donate many of my art pieces to charities. There are two that I am committed to. Great Basin College Foundation, and Hospic for the termally ill.

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Set an Example

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Artworks by male migrant workers expressing homesickness and wonderment in a foreign land.

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Tender Seed
This is an acrylic painting 16" x20"
The spotlight piece for the exhibit "Kaleidoscope of Colors" Northeaster Nevada Museum Oct. 2008  

de Votre Exposition:

It is my personal philosophy that I am better when I am with others than when I am by myself. I truly believe that people make better decisions when they come together. That is why the big circles in my painting overlap and the places where they do are more intense, interesting and expressive.

However, time alone is sometimes necessary and that is why I have allowed for single circles to float away on their own and express their individuality.



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