Carmen Milagro

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  • Ville, État San Francisco, CA
  • Situation géographique Amérique du nord
  • Langues English and Spanish
  • Age 50

A propos de moi

Vocalist, Lyricist, Creator of Peanut Butter and JAMMusic Sessions for Kids, Founder of WAAAHOO Productions and creator/host of Women Who REALLY Rock!

Mon Site Internet:

Mon Site Internet (

Faites preuve de changement en:

Lifelong involvement in my community and for the last 4 years working through my own non-profit called PB&JAMMusic Sessions for Kids, through my radio show that features, nurtures encourages Women Who REALLY Rock of all ages, ethnicities and lifestyles and through my music with songs like LIVING LEGEND, that pay tribute to Dolores Huerta and Coretta King, and lyrics that focus on our duty to care for the children of the world such as SOUL IN THE MIRROR and many other songs about love, loss and life.

Je suis passionnée par:

All of the above....MUSIC is my passion but PB&JAMMusic Sessions for Kids is my PURPOSE!

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Carmen Milagro is a San Francisco-based singer and songwriter. She also hosts a radio show called "Women Who REALLY Rock!" and is a founder and director of a non-profit organization, Peanut Butter & JAMMusic Sessions for Kids, which teaches music to children.

Living Legend is Milagro's tribute to two incredible civil right activists who inspired her: Dolores Huerta and Coretta Scott King. Huerta was a Chicano woman and a relentless advocate for farm workers' rights. She worked side-by-side with Cesar Chávez and organized, boycotted, protested and lobbied the government and put her life on the line many times as one of the principal--although unsung--leaders of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement in the United States. King led the African-American Civil Rights Movement along with her husband Martin Luther King Jr. She took part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and is responsible in part for the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. She was an activist who advocated passionately not only for African American rights but for women's and LGBT rights as well.



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