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Founded in 1976, Action India, based in New Delhi has worked for thirty years to empower women, adolescents, and youth in Delhi’s urban slums and rural villages.

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Our founding philosophy upholds the power of people to make their own change in society through education, awareness, and collective action. Action India’s feminist approach has evolved through interaction with grassroots women in Delhi’s “resettlement colonies.”

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We work with these communities to develop knowledge about reproductive health, nutrition, women’s legal rights, and conflict resolution through the dissemination of information and trainings. We organize grassroots groups to campaign for women’s rights. And we conduct policy-level advocacy to promote national and international laws that protect the rights of women, youth, and children.

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Women's Justice

Originally established in 1994 by the non-profit organization Action India, Mahila Panchayats are voluntary women's courts that settle disputes between individuals.



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