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  • Lenguas Portuguese and English. I do well with Spanish and get by with French...

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Born in Lisbon, Portugal, I graduated in art history at San Francisco State University and got my PhD in the same subject at London's School of Oriental and African Studies. I moved to Brazil in 2008 and work as a writer, editor and translator. I also do research on street art and women's issues, particularly women in art.

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Not conforming, bettering myself, using my self-proclaimed freedom to say what I think, wear what I want and respect others for doing the same.

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violence against women, human rights, animal rights, freedom of speech, art and activism, system reform even if that means bringing it down, and all things unknown in the universe!

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A woman's right to wear Hijab

52 posts | jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013 3:39


Afiches políticos

Afiches políticos

Favianna diseña increíbles afiches políticos y los pone en línea para el uso de todos los activistas políticos. Al servicio de la justicia social, use libremente esas etiquetas en blanco y negro en cada uno de sus panfletos, boletines, carteles y pancartas. Vea el material.



Artworks by male migrant workers expressing homesickness and wonderment in a foreign land.

Frontera Women's Foundation

Learn more about how you can support the nonprofit group based in El Paso, Texas that recently launched new scholarship program for girls from low-income families in Juarez, Mexico.

Help End Violence Against Women and Girls: Sign the I-VAWA Petition!

Help End Violence Against Women and Girls: Sign the I-VAWA Petition!

It's estimated that 1 out of 3 women worldwide will be the victim of violence or abuse at some point in their lives. This must stop.

The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), is a bill now before Congress that, if passed, would, for the first time, comprehensively incorporate these solutions into all U.S. foreign assistance programs - solutions such as promoting women's economic opportunity, addressing violence against girls in school, and working to change public attitudes - bring about transformational change. Please urge Congress to make the IVAWA a reality for the millions of women worldwide it would affect by signing the petition.

End Repressive Laws Targeting Women in Sudan

Sudanese women urge the Government of Sudan to: - Cease the use of cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments. - Guarantee the procedural rights of women accessing the justice system at all times. - Guarantee respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout the country in accordance with the National Interim Constitution (NIC) and regional and international human rights standards. - Commit to the promotion of positive culture of respecting women of Sudan and enhance their contribution and protect their wellbeing through adopting laws and polices in accordance with Sudan constitutions and international and regional obligations. - Support and facilitate women access to the justice system safely and with dignity, through provision of training and education on the rights of women to law enforcement and other Sudan justice system mechanisms.


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