hannah kozak

Estados Unidos

  • Ciudad, Estado Los Angeles, CA
  • Ubicación geográfica América del norte
  • Lenguas English, Spanish

Sobre mí

Hannah Kozak was born and raised in Los Angeles. With a Kodak Brownie camera in hand she began to explore her fascination with photojournalism at the age of ten. For more than twenty years, her work as a stuntwoman in the film industry provided her the opportunity to capture candid, behind-the-scenes pictures that penetrated the illusion of Hollywood magic. Hannah's extensive travels have given her the ability to capture images of far away lands exploring the innocence and truth found in the faces of children all around the world. Hannah is currently working on photographing black and white nudes of women. "I really love taking pictures of's a visceral experience for me, a soul to soul connection. I also love to photograph these subjects in black and white. It's an immediately abstract medium that is removed from reality by its very nature."

"I use my camera as a means of exploring my feelings and emotions. My photos are my emotional predicaments. When someone allows me to photograph them, they give me a piece of themselves that I can forever hold onto. In moments of melancholic desire and solitude, I can feel them again from the connection of our photos."

Hannah holds degrees in Spanish (B.A.) and Psychology (M.A.).

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Muestra cambiada por:

With my non violent, non competitive, breath.

Me apasiona:

Empowering women, photography, art, Kundalini yoga, books, writing, travel,wine, Spanish language. I'm passionate about helping women overcome their fears & pursuing their dreams.

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