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I.M.O.W. Global Council Member Rajaa H. Dhaher Al-Khuzai is a physician and former member of the Iraqi National Assembly. Prior to the formation of the National Assembly, she was one of three women who served on Iraq's Governing Council. She has represented the voice of Iraqi women in meetings with President George W. Bush, former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, former U.S. Ambassador L. Paul Bremer and other international coalition officials. Rajaa has made her primary focus to strengthen participation of women in the construction of the new Iraqi government and its parliament, and ensure their involvement in drafting Iraq's new constitution.

As a political leader and women's health practitioner, Rajaa is determined to develop a women's health strategy for post war Iraq. She holds degrees in obstetrics and gynecology from the University of London, is the director of a hospital in the southern city of Diwaniah, and a lecturer at the local medical college. Through her two NGOs, Rajaa has been developing new programs to address the pressing health, education, and psychosocial needs specific to women in a war torn country attempting reconstruction. She is president of the Women's Organization in Diwaniah, founder of the Women's Health Center in Baghdad, and founder of the Iraqi Widows' Organization, which supports widows with training programs and short term loans for their small businesses.

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Former Member, Iraqi Parliament
Former Member, Interim Governing Council of Iraq
President, Iraqi Widow's Organization and National Council for Women.

Me apasiona:

Iraqi widows' rights, promoting democracy.

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de Economica:

Rajaa Khuzai, integrante del Concejo Global de IMOW, sostiene que cientos de miles de viudas en Irak no deben seguir siendo ignoradas, y que deben alentarse sus contribuciones económicas para ayudar a la recuperación del país asolado por la guerra. La Dra. Khuzai es médica y ex miembro de la Asamblea Nacional Iraquí.
Actualmente, es la presidenta de Iraqi Widows' Organization, un rol que le valió una nominación para el Premio Nobel de la Paz en 2004.



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