Gene Rosa

Estados Unidos

  • Ciudad, Estado Moscow, Idaho
  • Ubicación geográfica América del norte

Sobre mí

I am both a professor of social and ecological sciences and an artist. My art features confrontations with the profligacy of modern societies and the threat to sustainability it poses.

Muestra cambiada por:

My professional research is devoted to determining the major causes of environmental threats, with the increased democratization of environmental choices, and my art is devoted to representing environmental threats aesthetically.

Me apasiona:

Ecology and equality.

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Rightedness is a metaphorical sculpture in the style of "ecologe," a style by which one collects and reconfigures discarded items to give them a new life as art. The principal aim of this sculpture is to make the viewer think simultaneously about detritus, aesthetics, and the tension of women's political reality. Using mostly recycled materials--wood, mining slag, paper-mâché, paint, metal, and cloth--the sculpture expresses how glamour in our culture serves to distract us from women's continuing oppression.



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