Alejandra Chaverri

Estados Unidos

  • Ciudad, Estado Palo Alto, CA
  • Ubicación geográfica América del norte

Sobre mí

Alejandra Chaverri was born in Heredia, Costa Rica. She attended the University of Costa Rica earing a degree in Food Science. After relocating to Palo Alto, California, United States in 1990, she studied photography at Foothill College, Los Altos, California and gradually turned Photography into her career. Besides her own photography series on social commentaries and creative process, Alejandra works on digitizing documents of historic interest and teaches photography to local community groups and privately.

Muestra cambiada por:

Born in the mundane, my photographs are of this world, rather than inventions or visions of an ideal or dream, you might even say these images arise from the ground we walk on, the terra firma of daily life. Images beget images: my work is mostly in series. What I feel is provoked by the images themselves, leading to different responses and treatments— hand deckling, tearing or sewing the print. The most ritualistic and involving method, when an image feels like an occasion or ceremony, is encaustic—cooking a mix of bees wax and dammar resin and then heating, painting and fusing this layer onto the print, a veil cast over the object of our gaze.

Me apasiona:

Gender issues, discrimination, visual history

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