Fakhriya Al-Yahyai

Omán – Sultanato de Omán

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Fakhriya Al-Yahyai lives in the Sultanate of Oman, Educational Qualifications:

• PhD in Fine Art from De Montfort University, UK- 2004.
• MA in Art and Design Education from The University of Wales, UK-1998
• BA in Art Education from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 1995.

• Member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Oman.
• Member of the Youth Art Studio, Oman.

Research Interest:
Visual Art, Visual Thinking, Post Modernism, Feminism Art, Art Heritage, & researches regarding painting & drawing

Judge Panels:
• A member of the judging Panel for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos prize for the Quality of Omani Handcrafts. Muscat, 2010.
• A member of the judging panel for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos prize for the cultural and artistic creative, Muscat 2006.
• The Head of the judging Panel" for "Muscat Festival", "Asala program" Oman TV , 1/1/20 - 12/2/2009
• A member of the judging Panel" for "Muscat Festival", "Asala program" , Oman TV , 12/1 to 12/2/2008
• judging Panel creation Art Exhibition , Muscat Festival ,Bait Al Baranda Museum - 3/2008 ,organized by Muscat Municipality
• Judging Panel of "Charisma 3", Sultan Qaboos University 15/3 to 1/4/2008, Oman.

Art Exhibitions:
• The eighth Solo exhibition "reflection”, Oman, Bait Al Baranda Museum, 7-12 November- 2009.
• The seventh Solo exhibition "compositions of colour", The Omani Society for fine Art, 2-7/2008, Oman.
• The sixth Solo exhibition "Shadow of Light" Oman, Cultural Club, 1-15/ Sep.2007.
• Participating in the Art Exhibition in the festival of poem and plastic art "dream between brush and poem" July 2007, Cultural Club.
• The fifth Solo exhibition "Eye for Creativity" at Bait Muzna, from March to April 2006.
• Participated in the International Art Exhibition, Oman. Jan. 2006
• The 4th Solo exhibition at De Montfort University, Sep 2004.
• The Third Solo art exhibition, "Metaphysic of Fabric" the at the City Gallery Exhibition, Leicester, UK, 9 th -13th Mar. 2004.
• Participated in the Second Circle show for Contemporary Art Exhibition at Culture Club, Muscat, 2004.
• The Second Solo Art Exhibition "Another way of Seeing" at Trinity House, De Montfort University, UK 26th Feb. 19th Mar 2002.
• The First Solo Art Exhibition "The vision" at De Montfort University- Gateway House.21-25 Oct. 2002- UK.

• Participated in "The Symposium of Omani, GCC & Residences Women Artists", holed in the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Oman, 23-27 January 2010.
• The Grant Writing and Publishing workshop, Northern Kentucky University, 14-17 February-2009.
• Participated in "spring board: Women's Self Development Program", organized by the British Council, Oman, April 2009.
• Holding a workshop in the Liverpool Museum, Jun. 2003.
• Participated in "Still" Art Exhibition with other two artists at Drumcroon Wigan Education Art Centre, UK. 5Nov. -13 Dec. 2002.

Publications: (Journals, conferences &Symposiums)

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2010). The Artistic and Aesthetics Values of the Islamic Manuscripts in the Arabian and Persian schools. 4-5 April (2010) , UAE.
• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya & Al-Amri, Mohammed (2009). Professional Standards in the Contemporary Art Education, A paper presented to the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) 54th World Assembly, Muscat, 14-17 Dec., 2009.

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2009) The Omani Heritage motives as an approach to teach the course of Modern Painting for the Students in Art Education Department at Sultan Qaboos University, Researches in Art Education and Arts, Helwan University., 26 (26), pp.21 – 42.

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2009). The Role of Art Extra Curricular Activities in the Life of University Students, Paper submitted to: The first student's conference, Nizwa University. Oman.

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2008). The Impact of The Appreciations standards of post-Modernism in the Art Production of Students in the Art Education Department in the Sultan Qaboos University in the course of Project in Contemporary and Modern Art. Researches in Art Education & Arts, Helwan Univ., V. 23 (23), pp. 19-98

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2008). The Contribution of New Technologies in the Fine Arts, a Paper submitted to: The International Scientific Conference "Fine Arts Egypt - 100 Years of Creativity" held by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt on the occasion of its Centennial (1908 – 2008).

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2007) The Place of Heritage in fine Arts in the Cultural Challenges. Paper submitted to The Knowledge Society Conference: Social, Cultural and Languical Challenges in the Arab World, Sultan Qaboos University, 2-4 December 2007.

• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya (2007). "The movement of Feminism Art in Oman" in the festival of poem and plastic art "dream between brush and poem" July 2007, Cultural Club.
• Published a book entitled "Plastic Art in Oman" 2006.

Published Books:
Al-Yahiayi, Fakhriya, Al-Amri, Mohammed (2006) The Plastic Art in Oman. Tunisia: The Arabic League Educational Culture and Scientific Organization (ALECSO). (in Arabic)

Researches sent for Publications: [Joint research]
• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya. Installation Art as an Approach to Teaching Contemporary Art in the Art-Project Course for Sultan Qaboos University Students: A Study of Philosophical and Critical Concepts and Practical Implementations.
• Al-Yahyai, Fakhriya. A Suggested Teaching Program for Appreciating the Aesthetics Criteria for the Manuscripts, and its Impact on the Students Art Productions ِAt Sultan Qaboos University.

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True Colors
In my culture, black is an everyday colour for women when they are outside the home or in other people's houses, whether they are at a wedding party or just doing their shopping. Women also used to wear a long, wide piece of black on top of their clothes to cover what was underneath, because they were not allowed to show any part of their clothing to others. So, black is a color that shows and hides our color. It is not the only colour we wear. I want to show all of the bright colours we wear.


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