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The White House Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that aims to advance women's leadership in all communities and sectors-up to the U.S. presidency-by filling the leadership pipeline with a richly diverse, critical mass of women. Visit us at

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Equipping women with the tools they need to run and win political office; making women experts more visible in the news media; shifting the security paradigm by bringing more women into the dialogue.

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Ve a votar. Ve a postularte. <br>Ve a liderar. ¡Ve, muchacha!

Ve a votar. Ve a postularte.
Ve a liderar. ¡Ve, muchacha!

¿Inspirada para postularse, sabe que tiene el ingenio y la capacidad, pero tiene miedo de no tener el know how? Entonces, inscríbase en el programa de entrenamiento de White House llamado "Votar, postularse, liderar" y aprenda lo esencial sobre candidatearse para un puesto político centrándose en áreas como comunicaciones, cómo conseguir fondos y cómo organizar una campaña.


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de la Comunidad:

In this week’s Gallup Poll, national Democratic voters continue to be evenly split, with Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton each receiving 47% support for the party’s nomination. Yet despite this neck-and-neck race to the partisan finish line, as Eric Boehlert recently surmised, the press has been pushing relentlessly to get Clinton to throw in the towel and rescind her claim to the nomination. As the race for top democratic billing remains cloaked in ambiguity, I’ve been thinking more and more that a decisive win for the nomination is only a piece of the victory pie. And this may be the very reason why large swaths of the press are so diametrically opposed to one more day of Hillary.  

de la Comunidad:

When Senator Obama called on our nation to create a more perfect union, his appeal resonated deeply with Americans of every race. His words spoke to the legacies of the grief and guilt, anger and apprehension that we bear as a nation, remnants of a history which has never been remedied. We are all scarred by the racial wounds of injustice, and we will be perpetually hindered as individuals, as communities, and as a nation until we address the historic and current, the overt and discreet, the personal and the structural, manifestations of racism in our society.  


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