Sanaa Cheddal


  • City, State: Larache, Tanger
  • Geographic Location: Middle East and North Africa

About me:

artiste scenographer / photographer and writer

I'm passionate about:

theatre, cinema, music, writing

Art and cultur in general

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Discover MiRA Resource Center

Discover MiRA Resource Center

MiRA promotes equality for black, immigrant and refugee women in Norway. They provide legal assistance and counseling, networking opportunities and a meeting place for young minority women. Check out their incredible documentaries "Odin's Women Colouring the North" and support their cause. (English, Norwegian)

Tap Into Women

Tap Into Women's Art in Mexico

Love I.M.O.W.? Then check out this incredible women's museum in Mexico that celebrates contemporary Mexican women artists. MUMA features captivating, controversial and political artwork such as Lorena Wolffer's renowned performance piece on the femicides in Ciudad Juarez. (Spanish)

Design Your Own <br>Political Cartoon

Design Your Own
Political Cartoon

Read Write Think will make a political cartoonist out of you. Choose your protagonist, select your scenery, and make a political statement through art. -- English

Women Talk Peace

Women Talk Peace

Listen to Ugandan women speak about their experiences during the war and their efforts towards peace. Hear three radio programs in English, Swahili and Luganda.

1000 Postcards for Peace!

1000 Postcards for Peace!

1000 Peace Women created a travelling PeaceWomen exhibition composed of 1000 Postcards that honor the work of all women that have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Book the exhibition today. -English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese.



Artworks by male migrant workers expressing homesickness and wonderment in a foreign land.

Get Connected in India

Get Connected in India

Have ideas for your own form of inspiring media? Did you know that India has an incredible online resource for women in the media? At the Network of Women in Media, share information and resources, exchange ideas, promote media awareness and ethics, and work for gender equality within the media and society. (English)


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