Heather Ibrahim-Leathers

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About me:

Ms. Ibrahim-Leathers founded Windows for Widows following the passing of her grandmother in 2009. Prior to founding the organization, Ms. Ibrahim-Leathers served as a Vice President, in Credit-Suisse’s Leveraged Investment Group, where she was directly responsible over $1 billion in high yield and leveraged loan assets. Prior there-to, Ms. Ibrahim-Leathers worked at JPMorgan where she was an Emerging Markets Fixed Income analyst responsible for over $4 billion worth of debt issuance. Ms. Ibrahim-Leathers earned her Bachelors in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Exhibit change by:

By creating economic opportunity for widows where opportunity never existed.

I'm passionate about:

The epidemic of widowhood and its acknowledgement by the developed world. Economic gender equality.

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From Economica:

COMMUNITY VOICE: The Epidemic of Widowhood

In many developing countries, a widowed woman faces dire economic and social conditions. Fifty percent of the estimated 100 million widows in the developing world are impoverished, and 10% of widows' children will die before age 5 due to lack of access to resources. Upon the death of a husband, widows are often stripped of their property, given negligible access to the job market, and suffer harsh social stigma. Though these problems have reached epidemic proportions, they are hardly acknowledged by developed nations. Windows for Widows founder Heather Ibrahim-Leathers comments on the epidemic of widowhood and explains what can be done to help.



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