Morgan Levey

United States

  • City, State: San Francisco, CA
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English
  • Age: 28

About me:

I am a recent undergraduate from Skidmore College with a BA in Art History. New to the Bay Area, I grew up in Ohio and moved to San Francisco in October 2008.

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From Community:

Artist Interview: Anki King

Anki King is a Norwegian painter, illustrator and sculptor. Her works "Vine Woman," "Sisters," and "Breath in the Ground" are featured in Exhibiting You and "Alternate Reality" is featured in Imagining Ourselves. Inspired by nature, identity and memories, Anki makes beautiful figures that give viewers insight into the artist's inner world as well as themselves.


From Community:

Artist Interview: Mariana Castro De Ali

Mariana Castro De Ali is a multimedia artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally from Mexico, she immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s and has been creating art ever since. Her works Tribute and The Flowers That I Lost were featured in I.M.O.W.'s "Exhibiting You" in January and February of 2009, while her submission Domestication was a Museum Pick from January 21 - February 2, 2009.

I.M.O.W. intern, Morgan Levey, interviewed Mariana, gaining insight into the artist's inner world.



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