Susmita Barua

United States

  • City, State: KY
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi

About me:

Residing in the US since 1985. Born and raised as a Buddhist in Calcutta India. Trained as a Geographer and Urban Regional planner. My passion and calling led me to deep spiritual exploration and knowledge in many fields. I am a student of life and sometimes wear the hat of a teacher, spiritual visionary, engaged Buddhist, speaker, mindful leader and conscious change agent

Google Dharma Economics, Millennium Koan 2012, Buddha's Middle Way to Knowledge

My Web site:

Visit My Web site (

Exhibit change by:

By being the change I like to see and experience and having the courage to step out, take risk, change status quo, be vulnerable and risk failure

I'm passionate about:

women's education and empowerment, parenting responsible children with basic goodness, peace and justice, sustainable economics, social responsibility, alternative medicine, mindful living, deep ecology, actualizing human potential, deep conscious capitalism, planetary shifts, Buddha Dharma

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Download the Women's Learning Partnership's Leading to Choices: Leadership Training Handbook for Women. It is available in 16 languages! You are one click away from learning everything you need to know about empowerment and effective, participatory leadership.


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From Economica:

The time has come for citizens of the world to rethink economic systems that have left billions of people in poverty and undervalued the importance of informal economies in the developing world. In order for systemic change to occur, all citizens must learn fundamental economic literacy, and learn to value the contributions of women to our economic system.



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