Dana Maralason

United States

  • City, State: Oakland, CA
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English fluent. Je parle un peu francais.
  • Age: 33

About me:

I am vocalist who desires to inspire movement and change through my voice. I am a advocate for women, our collective connection to each other, our collective voice, and our collective ability to birth a new vision for ourselves.

Exhibit change by:

By speaking about the beauty of women, our wisdom, our abilities. I challenge anyone who chooses to speak of violence against women as "ok" or "acceptable" in any form. I remind girls that their bodies, their thoughts, their creations, their emotions are beautiful.

I'm passionate about:

Music as a unifying force for all of humanity.

Women's rights, access to education, & self-confidence.

Personal responsibility, integrity, love, and acceptance.

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From Economica:

A Sound Economy
This is an improvisational piece inspired by my reflections on balancing my career ambitions with having children sometime in the future. I recorded the piano part first, and the additional instruments were added after listening to the first part once or twice. Each part builds upon and contributes to one another. No part of this piece has been written down.  


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