Sireita Mullings


  • City, State: London
  • Geographic Location: Caribbean
  • Languages: English
  • Age: 39

About me:

Working as an arts practitioner using photography as a method of engagement at the 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning gallery in South London, I use the arts as a mode to engage young people in re thinking their sociological positioning. I lecture Multimedia in a community college and I am also at the early stages of developing "Creative Insights", a social enterprise which seeks to provide creative services in print photography, and new media, whilst serveing as a creative hub for skills and ideas whilst providing true creative experiences to young people locally and globally.

Exhibit change by:

Using the arts, primarily new media and photography to engage marginalized young people, through processes of identity, culture, education, skill development, and confidence recognition and articulation. As they create and display their own their own voices visually.

I'm passionate about:

Young people - the way they recognize themselves and the pixels that make up their images.

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Vagina Monologues by <br>and for Muslim Women

Vagina Monologues by
and for Muslim Women

Three Moroccan women living in Belgium present twelve poetic, intense and touching monologues called The Veiled Monologues that offer a rare look into the lives of Muslim women. Go beyond the veil and leave all your stereotypes at the theatre door. (French)

Tap Into Women

Tap Into Women's Art in Mexico

Love I.M.O.W.? Then check out this incredible women's museum in Mexico that celebrates contemporary Mexican women artists. MUMA features captivating, controversial and political artwork such as Lorena Wolffer's renowned performance piece on the femicides in Ciudad Juarez. (Spanish)

Want to Get Closer to the Truth?

Want to Get Closer to the Truth?

Filmmaker Jill Friedberg's 2006 film, "Un poquito de tanta verdad" (A Little Bit of So Much Truth) is a feature-length documentary that follows the women leaders in Oaxaca as they take over the Channel 9 News. Learn more about the project and organize a screening. (English, Spanish)

The International Violence Against Women Act

The International Violence Against Women Act

The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) is a historic and unprecedented effort of the U.S. government to take leadership in establishing an overall and integrated approach to respond and address violence against women and girls internationally. The Act establishes a Coordinator to Combat Violence Against Women Internationally. The time is now to capitalize on this awareness and support and to enact this comprehensive vision to address the problem of violence against women.


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