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  • Geographic Location: North America
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I am a writer and a graduate student researcher. I work with Dr. Suad Joseph on the Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures. My background is in journalism, bilingual education, international student advising and creative writing.

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writing, languages, civil rights, bicycles, running, music, good books, international communities

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From Exhibiting You:


Exhibition in my family comes in the form of personalized vocabulary. We are the most eloquent-- and the most ourselves--when we use words we have made up ourselves. My maternal grandmother grew up speaking Yiddish in a Jewish household in Cleveland, Ohio, which later translated into Finklestein, a watered-down dialect used specifically between my mom, my dog, and me. The words have no linguistic meaning, but rather rely on a powerful emotional oompf. These nonsensical words may sound unimportant, but I first realized their true power when I studied abroad in Granada, Spain, as a junior in college.

Exhibiting me means exhibiting my family, which, at its very essence, means exhibiting the meaning we translate from nonsense.



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Masum Momaya, Curator
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