C Maritim


  • City, State: Nairobi, Nairobi
  • Geographic Location: Africa
  • Age: 33

About me:

I am a christian lady 33 years of age with a high school certificate.I am employed and a single mother of three, two sons and a daughter.

I am very hungry for knowledge and seeking an opportunity to study.
Rating myself am an average performer seeking to improve for both me and for the sake of the children, the youths and tomorrow's generation.

Exhibit change by:

We are bound for change no matter what.Anytime there is a change in my life i perceive it as achallenge.
Based on whichever terms which could be additional/positive or subtraction/negative i have to take it on and treat it as an emergency.

I'm passionate about:

am passionate about the upbringing of children in the society.Having grown in a polygamous family i do understand why children need to be guided, adviced and educated among other necessities.
As i have stated i grew up and not brought up because both my parents had issues which could not facilitate good care for us.
We therefore had to live with our grand parens who had great provisional challenges hence not creating space for advice.
I would love to use my experience to improve someones life tomorrow.

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