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About Me:

I am a returning artist, making sculpture, often installations that resonate sound. I have been mothering for some years. I have recently spent a great deal of time in Mauritius where I am in the process of putting together an art center. This will be an environment where artists can come together, live and produce their work in large ceramic studio, fine art spaces or performance/dance studio and will have the opportunity to exhibit/perform towards the end of their trip.

Exhibit change by:

Introduction of new and cutting edge art in a highly conventional and at times conservative environment.

An environment for artists of all ages and mediums to come together from around the world and share their ideas and work in a thriving artistic environment.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about the freedom to express, whether it be works of art or through performance. When you come together and collaborate with other artists, the whole world takes on a raison d'etre.