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Deirdre Prins-Solani a University of Cape Town alumni works and practices as an educationist, heritage practitioner, museologist and international heritage consultant.
She championed the development of experimental heritage educational programs together with local and international partners, created interdisciplinary teams for enhancing heritage conservation, safeguarding and has numerous publications.
She has served as; Chairperson of the South African Museums Association (SAMA), President of the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM), a committee member of the Institutions of Public Culture (An Africa/USA collaboration between the Academy, Practitioners in Public Culture, Museums and Galleries), committee member of the Board to the African Program in Museum and Heritage Studies (a University of the Western Cape, Robben Island Museum and University of Cape Town Postgraduate Studies Program) and a member of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) National Standards Body for the Arts and Culture sector.
She is a Salzburg Global Seminar Fellow and faculty member and an expert to the UNESCO 2003 Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage. And as a 1972 World Heritage Convention expert, she trains heritage professionals in its implementation and assists various states parties in nomination dossier development.
Her work in capacity building for custodians of heritage has spanned the African continent and globally. Currently she manages the Museum of AIDS in Africa, experimental programme: “Healing through Memory and Objects” and works with IDEA in developing a heritage conservation program for sites related to peoples and stories of Hansen‟s Disease.
Some of her clients to date include;
Museum of AIDS in Africa, www.museumofaidsinafrica
Project Coordinator for the „Healing through Memory and Objects Project‟ (on-going)
Project Coordinator for the Winston Zulu Documentary series; „Winston‟s World‟ (on-going)
Project Manager for the MAA presence at ICASA 2013
2 | P a g e D e i r d r e P r i n s - S o l a n i B r i e f B i o g r a p h y 2 0 1 4
Freelancer for Urban Brew, MemoryInc
Researcher/Editor, Matola Raid Memorial and Interpretation Centre Project,
Department of Arts and Culture (2012)
Advisor, South African World Heritage Sites documentary for Department of
Environment (2012)
UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Section
Participated in the Review Meeting of the UNESCO 2003 Convention Global Strategy
in China 2012
Developed learning and teaching materials; Safeguarding Intangible CulturalHeritage as part of the Global Capacity Building Strategy 2012-2013
Authored Position Paper for the Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO 2003
Convention Celebration Conference;”Parallel Universes”. A commentary on the
differences and similarities between the World Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage,
Diversity of Cultural Expressions and the Intellectual Property Rights Conventions
UNESCO Nairobi Office
Development and Implementation of capacity building for East African Directors of
Culture; Intangible Cultural Heritage 2012
Capacity Building of African University Professors in the integration of IntangibleCapacity Building of African University Professors in the integration of Intangible
Cultural Heritage in teaching programs
IDEA – International Coalition of Sites related to the legacy of Leprosy/Hansen‟s
disease 2011-ongoing
Advisor and Capacity Building Expert
Keynote at the International Leprosy Congress 2013
3 | P a g e D e i r d r e P r i n s - S o l a n i B r i e f B i o g r a p h y 2 0 1 4
University of Mauritius On-going
Advisor and Faculty Member of the Masters in Heritage Management
University of Cape Town
Introductory Lectures on: Intangible Cultural Heritage, MA Program in Built Heritage 2013, 2014
Authored contribution to the 2013 Creative Economy Report
Edited the final report on World Heritage and Extractive Industries for submission to the World Heritage Committee meeting, Cambodia, 2013
Appointed asan independent technical expert by a States Party to assist in the writing up of its nomination dossier for listing an intangible cultural heritage element on the UNESCO 2003 Representative List, 2014

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Investing in weaving the inter-relationships between culture and sustainable development through effective, relevant and innovative programming, curation of experiences and materials development

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safeguarding heritage:sustaining livelihoods