• City, State: Kalungu, Central
  • Geographic Location: Africa
  • Languages: Luganda and English
  • Age: 32

About me:

Am female Uganda who loves to see women and girls empowered and fully prepared to take life challenges without expressing femininity.

My Web site:

Visit My Web site (

Exhibit change by:

I exhibit my change by involving women and girls into practical programs like music, dance and drama, talk shows that tackle cultural challenges. I believe women and girls can do what men and boys to improve opur living conditions on earth and this informed me to start an initiative called Women and Girls Can Initiative (WaGCI) to inform the fellow women,girls and the public that we can positively contribute to our well being.

I'm passionate about:

The issues that am passionate about are: Education of girl child
2. Maternal health
3. Environment conservation
4.Unemployment of women and youths

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Women in "male" professions

12 posts | Thursday, August 25, 2011 3:38 AM


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