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Kathy Halper

About Me:

I began my adult life as a copywriter in a large advertising agency in Chicago. I pursued this corporate career for about 13 years before deciding I was happiest working alone at home and raising my children. I began making quilts and sewing and pursuing other creative endeavors which led me to experiment with various art mediums. I began to paint with pastels and later acrylics and oils and over the course of 15 years developed a following and a business as a fine artist. The past few years I have struggled to make work that is more personal and individual and challenging. This has led me to return to my early love of textile crafts to explore my current feelings about being a mother of teenaged children while retaining my instincts as a figurative artist.

Exhibit change by:

Through my art. It keeps evolving with me.

I'm passionate about:

Art. Parenting. Dogs. I have strong liberal political/social views but I don't speak out often.