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Patti Ryan

About Me:

I was born with a plain face, a husky build and a secure set of rose colored glasses. As I came into adulthood I learned that not all people have them. Not everyone has the same capacity to process life difficulties in a way which moves them forward. This realization has moved me to become committed to the art of inspiring sustainable hope in communities, one person at a time.
My first purpose was to inspire hope in my husband and 4 children. Together, we have come shining through childhood cancer, childhood sexual abuse, drug addiction and prison time. Together, we have broken a chain of decades of family generational abuse. All of this took a strong belief that love wins, every single time, no matter what. Good thing I have rose colored glasses. I somehow remained the foundation on which my entire family stood to face their monsters and to heal. My second purpose was found in my 18 years of work with children and families affected with mental health issues. I found that there is always a reason when people show intense signs of stress and that whether it is our organic wiring or environmental reasons, all people can, and deserve to, feel a sense of hope.

Exhibit change by:

At Age 47, I was faced with having to decide if I wanted to give my energy and attention to continuing my formal education to meet changing federal job qualifications. After a lifetime of being a closet songwriter and part time performer and with a new found love of oil painting, I chose to leave my career and all of the satisfaction and comfort it provided, to take a risk at being an artist. It is something I felt compelled to do all of my life, but I had other purposes to fulfill, and did so willingly and with great love. I have no regrets. My music and art perspective is purposefully and specifically focused on the everyday life of those coming through emotional discovery. The songs are born of simple words and easy musical movement. The paintings I create reflect each of the songs I write. I use basic student colors and have been inspired by the lines and over-all feel of the art of Jacob Lawrence. In studying his work, I gave myself permission to use my own folk art style with simple lines. This was a grand self discovery because it is important to me that the songs and images are easily accessible to those who have trouble seeing what is beautiful.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about helping people find in themselves, all that they are intended to be. I have chosen to support people with this through my music making and art. I have released two full length CD’s in the past 2 years and am working on a third body of work. Each album is accompanied by original artwork which reflects each song. I realize I have gotten a late start on this passion of mine, but I will be 55 in 5 years weather I give it a shot or not, and if only a handful of people are moved to become more of themselves because of it, that will matter. In addition to local music and art venues, I intend to bring the music and art to treatment centers, homeless shelters and correctional facilities, to reach the people in our communities who are most likely to struggle with feelings of hopelessness. My motto- Go looking for what’s beautiful through every wonderful and horrible day life offers.