• City, State: Halfaya, Khartoum-Bahry
  • Geographic Location: Africa
  • Age: 31

About me:

I am currently a student in Ahfad University,School of Business Admministration..Business was allways my interest althuogh i started as medical student in 2001,and i was so till 2006..Deep inside I allways new that business administation was my true calling,and finance have been my captivaty and passion.Reading is my favorate hobby,but reading business bullitens is the most enjoyable..I listen to misic ,spending my time with my friends and the internet is of my interest too.

Exhibit change by:

Change is peace.. because peace is the key word for chnging the whole world.

I'm passionate about:

Woman is still suffering dicrimination,being second in employmet opportunity.I would aim to proof that woman should be judged by thier abiliteis,interests and produtivity rather than there gender..This is a major problem in devoloping countries.

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