• City, State: Århus
  • Geographic Location: Europe
  • Languages: Danish, English, German
  • Age: 25

About me:

I participate in Young Women Speaking the Economy.
I do information studies in Århus, Denmark.

I'm passionate about:

I volunter at a project about local integration of imimgated families, especialy how to educate women and children.
At the moment I am starting my own IT project, which have triggered an interest in gender roles in entrepreneurship. In my professional network, 10 out of 60 young start up profiles are men!

Besides that I am passionate about the people whom I spend time with and the most things I choose to do in my everyday life.

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From Economica:

Take a journey through four countries--the U.S., Denmark, Sudan, and the Philippines--to get local and personal perspectives on the connection between the financial crisis and the education of young women. This presentation uses the voices of young women from around the world to show how the financial crisis has affected education opportunities in the countries represented in the Young Women Speaking the Economy project. Based on discussions with other project participants and other data, you'll see how the global crisis affects us personally.



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