Ola Faisal Hassan


  • City, State: Khartoum city, Khartoum state
  • Geographic Location: Africa

About me:

Ola Faisal Hassan,Sudanese by birth.I'm studying at Ahfad uni. for women,school of Management studies,specialized in Business administratin in the final year before graduation.

Exhibit change by:

I do exhibit change by sharing my own stories and difficulties I've been through and comparing it to other women of my age or older generation of women and how they would have deal with it if it has happened to them.

I'm passionate about:

I'm totally passionate about the difficulties that face the Oriental women is due to the male dominance and suppression they were subject to for continuous generations.

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From Economica:

The Economic Impact of FGM

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is one of the most controversial rites of passage in Sudan. Here, Sudanese student Ola Faisal Hassan gives background on FGM, shares interviews with women who have been affected by FGM, and explains how it relates to the economy.



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