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Kristina Møller Andersen

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I am a participant in the "Young Women Speak the Economy" project from Denmark.

I'm a student at the University of Aarhus, heading for 4th semester in the bachelor education of History. I chose history out of immediate passion and with no clue of which jobs I'll search for later on.

I would describe myself as an international girl (:young woman!) living in a global world! International in the way I see my self and act in my daily life (born into a very common and traditional family;)): I read newspapers and litterature from all over the world, and music, movies and exhibitions by international artist are being watch, rated an reflected on as a natural part of my life.
I've always been more inspired of the international community - the challenge and chances within - than by the life running by in my local area. As fare I remember my first newspaper priority on sunday mornings at the breakfast has always been either the international section or Explorer (travelling magasin).

I used to do a elite swimming which I'm sure, have giving me a lot of qualities and competences. Whenever I want to do something, I try to do my best and I holds a high level of work disciplin.
Nowadays I don't swim anylonger (neither for the fun) and in stead I put a big effort in being there and being something to my friends and beloved ones. I value the people I've around - without a community of your own, you’re none.

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Concerning women I found it interesting which considerations women do, when planning their career? How do they manage to have a job, be wife, girl friend or lover to someone and a mother of one or several kids, when there's and will always be 24 hrs daily?
And not only about being able to fulfil all three tasks (and still be able feel like a human), but also how they believe womens "new role" in society a being perceived by others? Are women still met with attitudes of obligation (: towards traditional gender roles) or are tasks at home and in the family divided more equally among genders.