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Corrine Antonio

About Me:

My friends call me Rin and an International Studies graduate of Miriam College. I am fond working in a team and I love creating a happy environment. I am a bit of an introvert but I am friendly. Although people perceive me as someone who does not take things seriously, I prioritize my goals and my work. I joined IMOW to get some global insights from different women around the world. Reading articles/Watching posted vids here has changed me my perspective in life, womanhood, and society.

Exhibit change by:

Change comes from the inside of person and it is a slow process. Change can be a philosophy in life, a practice, to change for the better. I get motivation from what is happening around me. What can I do to help myself develop or other people to change their lives for good? I think about what changes I have to take to make things happen. The importance of learning the root causes of conflicts and issues gave me a way on how to interact with other people more and understand them better. I used to volunteer for a school organization. Now that I am working, whenever they need volunteers, I will still try and give away time to help. I think that alone exhibits change.

I'm passionate about:

I am interested in issues involving health. I would like to volunteer for medical and dental civic actions if possible.