Jessica Glennon-Zukoff

United States

  • City, State: Oakland, CA
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English (some German, some French)
  • Age: 23

About me:

I'm a sophomore participant in the Young Women Speaking the Economy project chapter at Mills College in Oakland, California, where I'm double-majoring in Women's Studies and English Literature.

I identify as a radical feminist and I thrive on community-building, everyday activism, being sociopolitically engaged, making and appreciating art, writing, collaborating to bring resources (tangible, financial, and otherwise) where they're needed, speaking out/up, cooking creatively, and discovering new favorite places, all with people who inspire me.

Exhibit change by:

Through words spoken. Notes. Pictures. Embraces. Laughter. Seemingly small choices - grocery store kind of choices. Noticeably large decisions - what I will expect from myself in my life. Moving - my body and to specific places. I exhibit personal change by expressing who I'm continually creating myself to be and THAT I am continually creating myself - expressing through conversation, written words, my aesthetic choices, my actions, my habits, my goals.

I exhibit change in social movements by embodying intersections of feminism, leftist politics, and femininity. I exhibit change by embracing its process and by revealing proudly and discussing perceived contradictions in the self I present to the world.

I exhibit change by acting on the understanding that what will truly change our world(s) is sharing and expressing our life experiences, finding solidarity and support in communities we create, crossing borders and oceans (both literal and figurative) to finally relate.

I'm passionate about:

There are very few issues I'm NOT passionate about, because I believe so much that social issues are interdependent and subsequently interconnected, overlapping on multiple levels: interpersonal, community, regional, national, transnational, international, and global.

I am passionate about issues of gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality, class, ability, body, family, environment, faith, science, and art - examining and deconstructing what/who is represented and what/who is valued, whose voices we hear and whose we do not. I list these topics in rapid order because they run together naturally and are lived out simultaneously. I'm passionate about understanding what elements combine to shape our lives and how those lives carry their own shaping impact to the lives of others.

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From Economica:

Spring 2011. Oakland, California. Ten women at Mills College were asked a (seemingly) simple question: What do you use to get ready in the morning?  


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