night emmanuel


  • City, State: khartoum, omdorman
  • Geographic Location: Africa

About me:

I am intersting in social & volantry work in help aid; member in AUSSA (Ahfad University South Sudan Assosiation) and other ethinic associations. Reading magazine &novells. Play volley ball. Taking photos.

Exhibit change by:

i belive that theres a change because if the personal income addition it will incrase the GNP of the country.

I'm passionate about:

economic problams accurding to third world or under developing countries, Women in my country facing the problem of discrimnation between men and women. They did not get promotion because they classifiy as second class. They didnot share in policy making and share in decission making.

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From Economica:

In this interview with Sudanese businesswomen Mama Zahra from Night Emanuel Ska, Mama Zahra explains how she built her business and gives tips to other Sudanese women who want to be small business owners.



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