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Kirby Hoberg (Kirby Kimber)

About Me:

I am a participant in the Young Women Speak the Economy project from the United States. I'm an Anthropology and Sociology major and minor in Women's Studies at Mills College in Oakland, California. I am currently interested in conducting ethnographic research on Catholic women and minority practices. Specifically, head covering among Catholic lay women.

I also have an interest in educational systems and how they impact women's immediate and future options in multiple facets of their lives.

Exhibit change by:

I work towards understanding things that might be overlooked or misunderstood parts of people's lives. By doing this as a social scientist I have the opportunity to make the views and perspectives of people heard and thought about by wider audiences.

I'm passionate about:

Women's issues in religion and education, and how these issues impact other parts of their lives. Gaining a more holistic view of individuals to work toward a fuller picture of larger issues.