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Anne Bak

About Me:

I’m a danish history student (4th semester) at Aarhus University. Being a student is currently a huge part of my identity. -when I don’t have my head burried in books I’m active in different student organizations.
Besides being a student I’m a sister, the youngest of 6 - which is a quite large family in danish standards. Daughter of a chef (my mother) and traines carpenter and photographer (my dad). My dad originally being a photographer has inspired me, and I therefore love to explore and capture the world through a lens. -Which I to some extend also have: I travelled South East Asia on my own for 4 months and have done various trips around Europe. For me travelling is a way of understanding other cultures and testing my limits and beliefs. The young women speaking the economy project has been a way of combining all of the above, and therefore I am very passionate about the project.

Exhibit change by:

By participating in the young women speaking the economy project I will share what danes think in terms of education for all and why - hopefully it will be an inspiration and eye opener for others, because I myself in so thankfull to live in Denmark.

I'm passionate about:

Social justice.
Living in Denmark with high taxes that provides educations, healthcare ect. for all, it is important to me that others less fortunate acheive the same basic living standards and rights.
Being a student I'm especially focused on education
I believe that knowledge is key in terms of progress and that everybody should have the rights to an education.