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Joan Banich

About Me:

I am a mother and a wife and have been very fortunate to have amazing family and friends.

I began my career in video production, working mostly on sports broadcasts (typically being the only female on the crew). Having also studied marketing in college, I transitioned into doing marketing and video production for a technology company and am currently a Collaboration Strategist focused on brand marketing.

Exhibit change by:

After participating in the Global Women's Leadership Network's Women Leaders for the World program, I become more aware of the tremendous challenges women face globally. My efforts are focused on finding ways for the business world to create true value for people, whether it be for education, health, economic or social well-being.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about making the world a better place. Having lived in and travelled to various countries, I find people to be more similar than different. There are so many women who have yet to have a voice that I want to enable them to express themselves.