Maria Florez-Estrada Pimentel

Costa Rica

  • Geographic Location: Central America

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Maria Florez-Estrada is an expert in feminist analysis of the economic theory, policies and labor. She is a professor and research at the University of Costa Rica and wrote the book "Economía del género. El valor simbólico y económico de las mujeres." Florez-Estrada is also the Costa Rican Technical Coordinator of the United Nations Fund for the Enhancement of Women (UNIFEM)'s Program "Agenda Económica de las Mujeres."

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From Economica:

New research suggests that Costa Rican women have been more affected by the global economic crisis than men. Unemployment, discrimination, and underreporting of work are all challenges facing Costa Rican women in this recovery, says Professor Maria Florez-Estrada Pimentel, a professor and researcher at the University of Costa Rica and Technical Coordinator of the Agenda Económica de las Mujeres UNIFEM Program. In the following interview, Pimentel explains these challenges and discusses why she is nevertheless optimistic about the economic future of Costa Rican women.



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