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Alicia Giron is an economist in Mexico. She holds a postgraduate degree in Latin American studies at the UNAM. Previously, Giron was director of the Institute of Economic Research and served as vice president of the International Association for Feminist Economics. In 2010 she was awarded the National University Prize awarded by the Rector of the UNAM in the Area of Economic and Administrative Sciences Research for her scientific contributions. She has focused on investigating the economic crisis, external debt, the domestic and international financial systems, and economic development issues, with major contributions in these areas. This work has allowed her to move into a second line of research that focuses on financial economics and gender.

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From Economica:

Alicia Giron, an economist and former vice president of the International Association for Feminist Economics, talked with IMOW about how this economic crisis is different from past crises, how the changing economic landscape affects women at home and in the workplace, and what will be the key to Mexican women's future success.



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