Escuela de Artes y Oficios Rene Favaloro


  • City, State: Florencio Varela, Provincia de Bs As
  • Geographic Location: South America

About me:

Soy ingeniero eléctronico jubilado y me dedico a promover cursos de oficios con pronta salida laboral.
Como Directo Honorario de la Escela Dr Rene Favaloro por mi creada implemento cursos para ambos sexos

Exhibit change by:

I'm passionate about:

El amor al conocimiento. Solo la educacion nos hará libres.

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From Economica:

School of Arts and Trades in the Greater Buenos Aires
The School of Arts and Trades in Greater Buenos Aires offers vocational training for those in Buenos Aires who are undereducated and unemployed. The center is located in a poor neighborhood outside of Buenos Aires, where basic needs frequently go unmet and many people are jobless. Noam Jaievsky, Director of the school, talks about the goals, challenges and successes of the program.  


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