Gabriela Horvat


  • City, State: buenos aires, buenos aires
  • Geographic Location: South America
  • Age: 36

About me:

i am a jeweler, artist, maker, i create things.

There is one thing no one can take from you: your knowledge
My name is gabriela horvat. I am what I do.
I am defined by different disciplines that I study, have studied and will study.
I am like a big sponge… I absorb.
I imagine myself like an amoeba, taking form as I go
I keep growing, growing fat with knowledge.
I safeguard knowledge, I store it, because it is my weapon, it models me… because it makes me who I am.

The objects I create emerge from playing with different materials, techniques, memories.

The material does not appear in front to me as an inert collection of immutable/unchangeable forms.
The dialogue occurs through my senses, through my way of manipulating it and awakening it, of interrogating it, and it, me.

Each piece tells a feeling, a sensation, a deed… a smile.

Exhibit change by:

by making...

I'm passionate about:

my son.
thinking through my hands.
sharing, again.

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From Economica:

Remembering the <em>Cacerolazo</em>
Gabriela Horvat, a jeweler working in Buenos Aires, created the jewelry line "Pans," which includes earrings, rings, pendants, pins, and more, as an homage to the cacerolazo, a social protest by the Argentine middle class that took place in 2001. Horvat talked with IMOW about her work, her inspiration, and how the more recent economic crisis has affected her.  


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